Post-Election Thoughts


Image Credit: Huffington Post

With Obama, came the promise of an America that stood for the beauty of its diversity and multi-culturalism. Obama sent a message to the world that America was black… and white… and so many other things at once. Obama represented a world where our strength came from of the variety of our roots.

The disheartening truth that Trump and this election cycle has dredged to the surface is that some of America hasn’t really embraced the beauty of this vision. But, Trump didn’t create this… he merely exposed it. Indeed, the events of the last few years and the Black Lives Matter movement have already made it clear that we don’t live in the rosy utopia of harmony… the utopia that the rise of Obama seduced us into believing. Our society is still more divided than we would like to believe.

But, we should not be disheartened. America is still uniquely posed to be a nation that embraces it’s diversity above all else. We aren’t there yet, but we are on our way.

We must come together as a nation and learn to live with each other… to respect each other… to understand each other… to work with each other.

This means healing racial wounds. This means elevating women in power. This means ending our fear of those who don’t look like us or believe like us. This means reaching across the aisle to those with different ideologies to find what we have in common.

When we can learn to live as one, united America… one that is black, white, African, European, Latino, Asian, Middle-Eastern, Native, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, gay, straight, woman, man, trans, liberal, conservative, libertarian, progressive, rich, poor, etc… one nation, that embraces it’s difference and variety while celebrating on common ground.

Regardless of who inhabits the White House, we will all win when we strive for this ideal.