My 2021 Musical Picks

2021 has been another unusual year. But, in 2021, the unusual started feeling a bit more “usual”. Whatever may be going on elsewhere in the world, music goes on. So, I made a list of my top 100 songs for this past year.

Once again, I’ll remind that this doesn’t necessarily mean music released in 2021. That was especially true this year. While some of my list is current, a big chunk of it isn’t. That’s OK. The criteria is only that I was listening to the song in 2021. Some are new discoveries, some are rediscoveries. Either way, these are the songs that made the fabric of my year.

Once again, my “top 10 albums list” is still on hiatus for now. Last year I did a “top 3”. This year, I didn’t even feel like doing that. As noted, a lot of last year was rediscovery (note that the top albums list does have to be from the current year… rules rules rules!!). There were quite a few great new albums in 2021. Awesome stuff, but 2021 really wasn’t the year of the “album”. You’ll be able to pick out the new albums I enjoyed because they show up in my list. However, somehow, this year didn’t feel like a year for a best albums list… even abbreviated.

So, here is my best songs list for 2021. Enjoy!

Best of 2021 Music List on Spotify

Truth be told, I had more than 100 songs make the list. But, with 100 being the limit, cuts had to be made. Since the songs that didn’t make the cut are still great songs, I made a playlist of these honorable mentions. So, here’s my runner-up list for the year:

Rest of 2021 Music List on Spotify