My 2020 Musical Picks

2020 was a weird year. So many normal activities had to be canceled or postponed. However, listening to and discovering music could go on as usual. So, following tradition, I made a list of my top 100 songs for this (very odd) year.

Note that while many of these song were released in the last year (2020 or late 2019), there are some much older songs. The criteria isn’t necessarily that the songs be new (or even new to me), just that they were discovered, re-discovered or had some special meaning to me in 2020. For example, you may notice some rediscovery of my 90’s favorites here.

My “top 10 albums list” is still on hiatus for now. However, I’ll do a brief “top 3”. There were many more great ones, which are reflected in my top 100, but I’ll just highlight these three for now:

  1. Gorillaz – Song Machine – The diversity is the key to this one. It’s all over the map, so each song has a unique quality, though the album still hangs together well as a whole. It especially won me over with a few notable guest performances from Robert Smith and Peter Hook!
  2. Run the Jewels – RTJ4 – Run the Jewels keep getting better. This one was prophetic, timely and spoke to 2020 better than any other.
  3. Fiona Apple – Fetch the Bolt Cutters – A completely original sound from an artist who’s always good. But, she really takes some unusual and bold moves here. I didn’t actually like it for the first few listens, but once it sunk in, I realized it was a quirky masterpiece. Especially, Newspaper, which is a non-traditional, but infectious and brilliant song.

All that said, here is my list for 2020. Enjoy!

Best of 2020 Music List on Spotify

Also, I had a few leftover tracks that were up for consideration, but didn’t quite make the 100-song cut. However, they are also great. So, here’s my runner-up list for the year:

Rest of 2020 Music List on Spotify