My 2015 playlists

Every year, my brother and I share our list of top 100 songs discovered each year. My 2015 playlists are now ready on Spotify. Here are the links:

Best of 2015 – A playlist of my top 100 songs of the year.

Rest of 2015 – This list is made up of all the runner-ups that didn’t make the top 100 cut.

Top Albums of 2015

Here’s a little more about how it works… Every year, as I discover (or rediscover) a song I like, I add it to my list for consideration. These songs don’t have to be released during that year (though generally are). For older releases, either I discovered it for the first time during the year, I rediscovered it, appreciated it under a new light or it had some particular significance to an event that happened during the year. At the end of the year, I whittle the list down to the top 100 songs and drop the rest in the runner-up list.

The top 100 is not necessarily a list of my 100 favorite songs… there are other factors to consider. To keep this list more interesting, I limit myself to no more than 3 songs for any particular artist. So, a song that might be one of my favorites may get banished to the runner-up list because there were 3 better song from that artist (so it’s theoretically possible for my fourth favorite song of the year to not make the cut). Songs near the cutoff line often get promoted or demoted based on how well they fit into the sequence, so some great songs got kicked off just because they didn’t flow well with anything else. New songs are more likely to make the top 100; older songs I’ve previously heard are more likely to go on the runner-up list; I might drop a preferred song to make sure a particular artist is represented at least once, etc. In any case, there are some really great songs on both lists.

The lists have both been sequenced very carefully. There isn’t any thematic structure, but I’ve paid attention to the way each song flows into the next. I try to build blocks of songs with similar feel with transitionary songs in between blocks. The sequencing isn’t always perfect, but I’m mostly pleased with the flow.

So, hope you enjoy the lists and discover some great new music!