Happy Holidays

Dear family and friends,

It’s been another usual year, but we now feel a lot more adapted to the abnormality (and things do seem to be normalizing a bit… 🤞). In any case, life goes on. We had a great year as a family. Lily is now 3 years old and more fun than ever. She’s grown a lot (she insists she is a “grown up” now… 😂) and has developed a lot of personality. I could go on, but in short, she’s awesome! Post-vaccination, we spent a lot of time away from home visiting family and friends in Texas and Louisiana. It was a lot of fun and Lily had a great time bonding with family!

We’re looking forward to the holidays! We hope you had a great year too and wish you an awesome 2022! 😄

Lily, Hang and Justin

Happy Holidays 2021

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