Happy Holidays!

Dear family and friends,

Seriously. Is anyone else ready to be done with 2020? In truth, we really can’t complain. It’s actually been a pretty good year for us, in spite of all the curveballs this year has thrown us all.  We have all the usual gripes anyone could have, but we’re relatively lucky. Our work has transitioned seamlessly to remote and we’ve remained healthy. 😀

Lily, who is now 2 years old (and then some), continues to shine. She’s a sweet, loving girl who’s well beyond her years. We’re super proud of our big girl and the awesome person she is!

But for the good of everyone, let’s hope for a much better 2021 for all! (It’s a low bar 🤷‍♂️)

Much love from us to you!

Lily, Hang and Justin

Happy Holidays 2020

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